IDRA Bio & Littoral’s core business is all about reconciling the sustainable development of human activity and the preservation of marine biodiversity.

To achieve this, IDRA Bio & Littoral leverages multi-disciplinary R&D across all its business lines. For instance, our R&D unit has developed modules made from eco-materials derived from sorted, treated, and recycled debris from off-shore and on-shore worksites.
This innovative approach draws on unique and relevant scientific expertise, coupled with a design tailored to each specific geographical location.

The ultimate aim is to achieve efficient colonisation (or re-colonisation) by species that are dependent on the marine habitats in question.

IDRA Bio & Littoral has brought to bear expertise developed by the Artesa Group, which has developed a proprietary design for 100% recycled, 100% recyclable stackable concrete blocks made using a patented manufacturing process.

To keep CO2 emissions generated by the supply of the relevant materials and the blocks' lifecycle to a minimum, we use only eco-materials recycled from worksites together with river and marine sediment, with a physical/chemical washing process.

We use low-CO2 binders developed by Valoterre; these guarantee the following properties:
  • Strength grade: C20/25
  • Environmentally harmless
  • Customisable shapes and colours


INSA Rennes

Civil and Mechanical

Engineering Lab

LGCGM has been studying marine sediments and their use for over ten years, with extensive research conducted by engineers and PhD students. INSA performs several functions alongside our teams:
  • Developing sediment concrete formulas
  • Structural design and calculation of underwater forces to be taken into account for submerged structures
  • Dimensioning of concrete structures and moulds
  • Research into the microstructure and interfaces of submerged structures


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